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In this video, I give 3 reasons why you should avoid using IP Vanish VPN and look at other options that is available….

There are many options for the BEST VPN service in 2019. Different VPN providers offer different features and benefits. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to VPN’s is ensuring you are protected, safe, and have reliable speeds when streaming online!

IP Vanish is a fantastic VPN service but it has its flaws. Many users of IP vanish feel let down when they exposed their users info to local authorities. And because IP Vanish is part of the 5 eyes. It means, IP Vanish can share their data with the remaining 4 countries, not just their local jurisdiction!

Nord VPN offer 0 logs, they are outside of the 5 eyes Jurisdiction, and offer very reliable streams that make it one of the best VPN services for streaming/kodi and Firestick!


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  1. Thanks for this video! I have been using ipvanish for a while now and I'm not happy with it. I get very low speeds (500 download and I"m not even getting 200 with ipvanish) and it cuts out now and then. I need to try another vpn!

  2. Hoe you you use nord vpn on Netflix. When I load up nord vpn then put Netflix on its says it wont play it as I'm using a vpn. Please help. I'm looking to view USA Netflix

  3. I hear surf Shark VPN is very good you can use it on as many devices as you want with one subscription. And they are based in the British Virgin Islands so they dont need to log any user data.

  4. Don't use Nortonvpn. They work with a company that mines internet data aka violates Internet users privacy. That make them hypercritical about privacy. Also they will not give a refund. The stopped accepting paypal for payment to avoid giving refunds.

  5. so what else is new? they all say they dont share our info but they do and so dose firefox worlds most private browser whatever. i dont give a damn let look i have nothing to hide.

  6. My internet speed is around 40Mbs with ipvanish it dropped down to 5Mbs with nordvpn it dropped down to 20Mbs Netflix won't play with both

  7. This youtuber is a asshole/asslicker. How much do they pay u to tarnish the image of the BEST VPN ever used? What a shame for u to consider taking this review on just for a little commission. Shame on you bro. Glad u're not on my sub list, would have unsubscribed you in a speed of light.

  8. +leetvtechchannel hi mate well done with this video 👍 good advice as know only too well how many will promote this vpn big time without the pros and cons so thankyou for the heads up

  9. Shocking he's pushing nord in the pinned comment. If ipvanish said they'd stop then you have to allow for redemption. If you run a company and screw the customer and they fire you and hire me and I do it fair and right why should your screw-up affect me.

  10. Lee great video and thanks for explaining the nuances and differences. I currently do not use a VPN and wonder if I really need one. I have no issues streaming content.

  11. Hi
    You say NordVpn is located in Panama, out of the 5 eyes countries, but what about if your are resident of one of theses 5 eyes countries ?. Do you have to connect only to one of their Panama server to be sure NordVpn is not providing info on your Internet activities ?

  12. I have had no problem and speeds are good. If I change it's because of poor performance and high pricing. For me personally it is worth paying more for the better product!

  13. NordVPN dropped my speed a lot and when contacted, they replied 50 is great speed but not when I’m using it for other stuff and why I have tried 5 VPN’s and I prefer to use IP Vanish…and I get no kickback

  14. what does this message mean: the app you are using is not original. your tv service provider has not provided you the original app. such kind of apps can send the data to legal authorities.

  15. Helpful Info: I gave IPVanish a try as I didn’t know which VPN is was going to go with. They offer 7 day money back guarantee. I canceled today but when I did they offered 2 months for free. When cancelling they ask why and I said I was switching to Nord. Probably a good way to get 2 months free if you’re pinching pennies. I went with the 3 yr NordVPN plan. No feedback to provide on their service just yet. Thanks for the video.

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