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Going Pokémon crazy: New apps, games and Pokémon Home cloud sharing service announced


The Pokémon Company has announced a swathe of new Pokémon games and apps for mobile and Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Home is a new application for iOS, Android and Switch that will enable fans to easily share their collected Pokémon across the different platforms.

It is a cloud service that connects to Pokémon Bank, the Nintendo 3DS software that registers Pokémon caught in the many handheld games. It also connects to Pokémon Go on mobile, plus Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go: Eevee!. It will also work with the new Pokémon Sword and Shield games when they are available.

All of the Pokémon collected across the many titles can then be managed inside the Pokémon Home app and trading will be available between players around the world.

Pokémon Home will be available from early 2020.

Pokémon Sleep brings a “gameplay experience like no other”, the company claims. It works with a new version of the Pokémon Go Plus wristband – called, confusingly, Pokémon Go Plus +.

This new device includes an embedded accelerometer to track your sleep time and wirelessly sends the information to your phone. The new game will use this information for gameplay in some form, but full details are yet to be revealed.

It is slated for 2020.

Pokémon Masters is a new mobile game for iOS and Android that is coming later this year. It includes Pokémon battles with different trainers from the series’ past. We’ll find out more in June – during E3 2019 perhaps.

Lastly, the Pokémon Company also announced that a new Detective Pikachu game is coming for Nintendo Switch. Little is known about it at present, save for the fact that it will be a direct sequel to the 3DS Detective Pikachu released in 2016, rather than a remaster.

For more Pokémon goodness, you can also watch the dedicated Pokémon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct presentation on 5 June.

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