HUAWEI NEWS – A response to the Huawei ban…..

HUAWEI NEWS – A response to the Huawei ban…..

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Finally, a statement from Huawei in response to Android ban from Google. Here is what they responded with on the latest Huawei Ban news!

Huawei made BIG news this week when Google SUSPENDED the license to provide the Google Services packages on Huawei devices.

The Huawei ban came into force this week.

In the latest Huawei news, there will be no more Google play store, Gmail, Maps or Google Assistant on future Huawei devices and updates, this also includes Honor phones!

This was a blow to Honor who had their launch event today. It looks like the Huawei Google battle has begun since the Huawei Android ban!

In this video, we look at the official statement from Huawei in response to the Google Android ban and removal of the license to sell their devices with Google Play Services installed.

This is part of a BIG dispute with Donald Trump and China. How will this affect Huawei? Let me know your thoughts below!

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