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You Can Now Try Microsoft Office for Mobile

Microsoft has released a new, unified Office app for mobile. Office brings together the core Microsoft Office apps of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one app. And it’s now available to try for free in public preview on both Android and iOS.

Microsoft Starts Taking Mobile Seriously

Microsoft is synonymous with PCs. This is because Windows is by far the most popular desktop operating system. And Microsoft’s failure to compete with Android and iOS in the mobile sector only solidified that connection.

However, in recent years, Microsoft has made a concerted effort to become more mobile-friendly. The company now happily releases apps for Android and iOS, including mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. And now it’s combining all three.

Microsoft Launches an Office app on Mobile

Microsoft launched the Office mobile app in a post on the Office Apps Blog. The company bills Office as “a new vision for how people get work done on a phone” and “a new app that’s ambitious enough to simply be called Office.”

Office for mobile has been built with mobile users in mind at all times. So it’s optimized for use on mobile devices, with Microsoft “combining the existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint mobile apps into a single app.”

Anyone who has already used any of these Office apps will recognize them immediately. It’s just that Microsoft has squeezed them into a single app. This means you get to enjoy an integrated experience, while also gaining some mobile-centric features.

Combining its existing apps into one “brings all of your Office documents together in one place, reduces the need to switch between multiple apps, and significantly reduces the amount of space used on your phone compared to multiple installed apps.”

How to Try Microsoft Office on Your Smartphone

To try the Office for mobile app on Android, simply visit this page and follow the instructions. Unfortunately, due to Apple limiting public previews to 10,000 users, iOS users who haven’t already downloaded Office will now have to wait until its full release.

For an app still only in public preview, the new Office app is looking good. And it’s only likely to get better. However, many people would still prefer to use an alternative to Microsoft Office. So here are the best free Microsoft Office alternatives.

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